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Range Of Avian Food, Accessories & Health Products

We Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Bird Foods And Accessories To Suit Every One From The Individual Pet Owner To The Commercial Avian Breeders And Bird Parks.

Whilst Our Primary Brand Is The World Renowned Avi-Plus We Also Stock Other Recognised Brands.

For The Bird Enthusiast/Breeder We Have A Select Range Of Additives, Feeds And Accessories In Store.

Bird Food Range

AVI Products

Animal Zone, Complete Diet Brfeeder, Complete Diet Maintenance, Complete Parakeet Mix, Complete Parrot Mix, Cooking Mix, Duck Floating, Egg Food, Egg Food Breeder, Flamingo, Floating Duck, Goldwing, Hand Rearing Macaw, Hand Rearing Parakeet, Hand Rearing Parrot, High Fat Concentrate, Instant Dinner, Lorikeet Nectar, Millet, Monati Hand Rearing, Monati Soft Food, Mynah Pellets, Mynah Soft Food, Parrot Bix, Parrot MixesParrot/Parrakeet Soft Food, Pheasant Food, Pigeon Breeder Pellets, Pigeon Racing Pellets, Safflower, Scarlet Ibis, Small Seed Eater Mix, Sprout Mix, Sunflower, Sutherland 10%, Sutherland Hi Fat, Tropical Parrot, Wonderboom, Various Bird Delight Treat Mixes, Oats, White Millet, Jap Millet, Mung Peas, Chico 1 & 2, Maize, Barley


Travel Boxes, Nest Boxes, Catch Nets, Feeding Bowls, J Clip Plier, Husbandry


4 In 1 Powder, Breeder Boost, Calcium Liquid, Calcium Powder, Diatoms, Doxt Biotic, F 10 Products, Ferti-Vit, Hpc Powder, Instant Grams, Mediworm, Moringa, Multi Vitamins, Protexin, Spirulina, Tramisol Dewormer, Virukill, Vitamins Soluble, Vitaton, Voerdokter, Canola Oil

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AVI Products
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All of our products are locally formulated and produced using ingredients of the highest quality thereby ensuring suitability to South African conditions and environment.

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